NXT Import Filter

Import data from CSV and Excel to Business NXT


  • Simply import data from CSV- and Excel files
  • Create your own mappings to any table and field in Business NXT
  • Save and reuse mappings
  • Import data directly to Business NXT
  • Import using the classic Visma Business import format as well
  • Create custom rules and transform the data during import
  • Simple and predictable pricing

Advanced mapping

Combine a simple field-to-field mapping with the advanced Typescript rules editor to tailor your imports. The rules editor is complete with intellisense for the destination table you've selected and the field mappings you've created.

AI file analyzer

With the AI file analyzer, you can upload your file and get a suggested mapping in seconds.


The pricing is simple and straight forward. The cost is per customer-tenant in Business NXT, and includes unlimited users and up to 5 (active) companies, within a single customer-tenant.

In addition there's a fee per file imported.

If you are a Visma Certified Partner, working on implementing Business NXT for your customers, we have a special deal for you. Contact us for more information.

Price per month

NOK 490,-

+ 10,- per file imported

The license includes unlimited users and up to 5 (active) companies, within the same customer. If you have more than 5 companies you want to import data to, please contact us for a custom offer.

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